Redragon H350 Pandora Dynamic RGB Backlight Stereo Surround

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Redragon Pandora H350 RGB Gaming Headset

The Redragon Pandora H350 RGB gaming headset is colorful and unique.

The headphones use 7.1Surround Sound, for a lifelike experience.

Dynamic and static RGB lighting

The lighting of the Redragon H350 is atmospheric and unique.

With different colors that change you get into an immersion while gaming.

The ear pads and logo are illuminated!

With detachable microphone

The Pandora is equipped with a microphone that can be connected.

The microphone wrapped in a soft cushion picks up your voice crisp and clear.

This makes the microphone suitable for in-game and online voice chats.

Do you not use the microphone and does it get in the way when watching videos, for example?

Then you can just disconnect it.

Controllable audio and microphone

The headset can be operated via the inline controller. Control the volume as desired and mute the microphone if necessary.

To be used on:

Xbox One

Playstation: PS3, PS4, PS5



Nintendo Switch (audio only)