Redragon K530 RGB 61 Keys USB-C & Bluetooth for PC, Laptop, Cell Phone – Black

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Question: Can’t connect K530 to device (BT4.0 and above) in BT1 mode.

Answer: Make sure the switch of BT1 is on with red flashing light, long press FN2 + ESC until the keyboard backlight flashes one time quickly. You can then find “Dracomic-1” in your Bluetooth device list, click on it and pair.

Question: How does the MAGIC FN (CapsLK) key work?

Answer: MAGIC FN key can only be used and programmed with software to FN1 or FN2. For example, set the macro FN1 on the MAGIC FN key to use the ← ↑ → ↓ keys with one hand by pressing CapsLK + WASD.

Question: How to do keybinding or macro without software?

Answer: Yes, 6 keys (G1-G6) can be macro on board (64 keys at most). For example, set 000 to G1: press FN2 + 7 (Rec) → press FN2 + G1 → press 000 → press FN2 + 7 (Rec) to store the key binding and exit macro mode.

Question: Does it support multimedia function keys like brightness and volume adjustment on Mac?

Answer: Sorry that K530 does not support Mac functional combination keys currently.


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